Vet Planet – who are we?

We have been building a Company which is a relible buisness partner for our customers, is respected and valued by our competitors and is a source of pride and satisfaction for its employees. Our Products remain our Buisness card – innovative, based on research and scientific discoveries and bringing measurable therapeutic effects.
Innovation, professionalism, reliability and respect are our DNA.

The history of Vet Planet

Vet Planet was established in 2008 in Warsaw. The first range of products – single use diagnostic tests was introduced onto the market in February 2009 and this was the beginning of our “veterinary adventure”. In the middle of 2009 we developed Hepatiale Forte and Ornityl, two innovative products, thus initiating the category of innovative and well-developed products for small animals. Their consistent implementation has allowed us to expand the portfolio of such products to a number of brands and made us the market leader of the whole category.
The therapeutic effects and the quality of our products have been our priority since the first day. As one of few similar companies we test the efficiency of our products before introducing them into the market. This is very important from the point of view of the surgeon but it also ensures the positive outcome of the therapy. All our products are manufactured in companies granted the highest GMP pharmaceutical quality.

The scientific side to our business activity is also reflected by the “VetExpert University” – a programme designed to exchange experience with veterinary experts based on our experience and scientific knowledge. An important change in our development was the opening of a distribution network in Central-East Europe. The first step towards territorial expansion took place in 2010 in Russia. Since then, our distribution network has been developed consistently to cover a number of both Central-Eastern and Western European countries and continues to expand.

In 2013, as a result of our co-operation with the French company OBione, which specializes in specialist supplements for cattle in France we added a range of products for cattle.Their philosophy of ambitious products and assessment of efficiency is very similar to ours, thus the co-operation.

Vet Planet has been developing very dynamically and we will do our utmost to maintain this pace. The satisfaction from your co-operation is our greatest reward and inspiration for further efforts.